The Prompts

Want to join in? Want some inspiration? Here are all the prompts as I pick them!*

January 1st: “When you’re finished, can I borrow my husband for a minute?”

January 2nd: Four people are being kept hostage. They keep having to give their captor advice on how to proceed.

January 3rd: A moose who likes company

January 4th: Title – ‘My Name is James’

January 5th: “What exactly is in the bag?”

January 6th: “I hope you know I don’t like you.”

January 7th: Most interesting family member

January 8th: Two caterpillars

January 9th: Beauty and the Beast

January 10th: Undying Love

January 11th: The creepy next-door neighbour

January 12th: snot grey

January 13th: shiny red

January 14th: why don’t we use forks to eat ice cream?

January 15th: 8:43

January 16th: Title – ‘In Honour Of’

January 17th: Person A is looking after Person B’s dog and loses it

January 18th: First day of school

January 19th: gym showers

January 20th: “This isn’t what I asked for.”

January 21st: A divorce lawyer

January 22nd: The middle of a crop circle

January 23rd: “Just let me have one last cup of coffee, and we’re good to go.”

January 24th: The Little Mermaid

January 25th: a nervous woman

January 26th: The kind of white in someone’s eyes

January 27th: Why does your nose itch?

January 28th: “Shut up”

January 29th: A world where every lie that you tell leaves a scar on your body. The bigger the lie the bigger the scar.

January 30th: First line – I didn’t mean to hurt him. I just can’t help it.

January 31st: Where have my keys gone?

February 1st: a dressing gown

February 2nd: Person A doesn’t like strawberries but Person B is always buying them for Person A

February 3rd: an angry teacher

February 4th: describe the colour red without saying it

February 5th: “I don’t think it matters…”

February 6th: Battersea Cats and Dogs home

February 7th: Deadpool

February 8th: “What if I told you I’ve never seen Die Hard?”

February 9th: 1995

February 10th: First line – So this is what it’s like.

February 11th: A woman comes home to find her daughter in bed with another girl. She doesn’t know how to react

February 12th: The worst thing that has happened all day

February 13th: describe the best feeling in the world

February 14th: an adults only all inclusive holiday resort

February 15th: Sunshine yellow

February 16th: A homeless person is in a building that catches on fire. They are saved by a young girl.

February 17th: “So… yeah… this might not be my house.”

February 18th: Three people have a car accident. The person who is to blame dies

February 19th: the nosy robin

February 20th: Who is the best?

February 21st: bouncing on a trampoline

February 22nd: A world where everyone watches the same film over and over again

February 23rd: “We need to talk about your life choices.”

February 24th: Sleeping Beauty

February 25th: An old engagement ring

February 26th: two teddy bears sit in a shop window watching the high street change over the years

February 27th: Every Wednesday in February

February 28th: In a world where the dominant species evolved from lizards instead of apes

March 1st: a sand castle

March 2nd: green

March 3rd: First line – Just don’t.

March 4th: Describe the smallest object you can see

March 5th: Three friends go to the same school. Two of them don’t know the third is actually an angel sent to earth to set them up

March 6th: a rubber duck

March 7th: describe the countries as if they were people

March 8th: Title – On The Other Hand

March 9th: an unused dog bed

March 10th: “I just don’t like them – that’s all!”

March 11th: when people meet their soulmate their hair changes colour. Two enemies are in the middle of fighting when their hair changes.

March 12th: What happens on Tuesday?

March 13th: Wax cupcakes

March 14th: First line – It was there, in the darkness.

March 15th: A young man is in love with his neighbour but can’t bring himself to break up his neighbour’s marriage

March 16th: “I really don’t think you’ve thought this through.”

March 17th: I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit in hospital

March 18th: Person A hates their overly loud laugh. Person B loves it

March 19th: A bee

March 20th: Macaroni Cheese

March 21st: someone has been suspended from work for a week. They decide to plan a bank robbery

March 22nd: “Uh… what’s this?”

March 23rd: A really good therapist

March 24th: a world where any form of information sharing is illegal

March 25th: Person A and Person B like the same music, but hate each other

March 26th: 11:30

March 27th: Wednesday 16th of March

March 28th: The lonely dog walker

March 29th: a good witch

March 30th: someone decides they want to learn a new language. When they get to their tutor’s house they find the tutor is a famous person

March 31st: a chipped cookie jar

April 1st: a rainy summer’s day

April 2nd: The last time I ate a doughnut

April 3rd: fear

April 4th: “It doesn’t take long, but for some reason you are completely incapable of making a halfway decent cup of tea!”

April 5th: frosty blue

April 6th: Person A and B are in a secret relationship. Person C knows all about it

April 7th:  First line – It was almost like he didn’t need realise he was wrong.

April 8th: radiation therapy gives someone powers

April 9th:  “I don’t think you understand – I need you to leave. Now.”

April 10th: a world where everyone is required to have a pet who can talk and often says inappropriate things

April 11th: Three pennies

April 12th: that weird jar in the back of the fridge

April 13th: birthday

April 14th: “This could only happen to you.”

April 15th: describe the days of the week as people

April 16th: pavlova

April 17th: the funniest accidental joke you’ve heard

April 18th: the Monday before

April 19th: Title – Jelly is the Only Fruit

April 20th: my second least favourite food

April 21st: Person A works with Person B but wants to leave their job

April 22nd: “Don’t think about it too much, or your head might explode.”

April 23rd:  Everyone is born with the name of their soulmate on their arm. Person A falls in love with the wrong Tom.

April 24th: “You know it starts tomorrow, right?”

April 25th: The Princess and the Pea

April 26th: Person A and B both want to adopt the same dog

April 27th: “So why didn’t I have to steal this cake?”

April 28th: my favourite letter

April 29th: three days before Christmas

April 30th: “what exactly do you think you’re doing?”

May 1st: a world where everyone is allowed to choose one animal to make immortal and communicate with them

May 2nd: “Do I have to wear this?”

May 3rd: Tuesday

May 4th: Title – Things I Want to Hear

May 5th: A brave princess

May 6th: First line – I actually hate cucumber

May 7th: One single flip-flop

May 8th: Michael’s sister’s best friend’s uncle’s wife’s teacher

May 9th: the shortest giraffe

May 10th: a world where everything smells bad except your soulmate

May 11th: a leather bag

May 12th: I do not know. I lost the slip before I could read what it said. It is a sad day. I wrote this poem to apologise

May 13th: two kids are sitting on a swing when a strange man falls on the roundabout

May 14th: running out of petrol

May 15th: war

May 16th: Liar Liar

May 17th: First Line – It wasn’t like she would ever pick up the phone.

May 18th: seven deadly sins

May 19th: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

May 20th: The third of November

May 21st: “I’m going to make you something else because two toast isn’t enough”

May 22nd: First line – You will never understand. How could you?

May 23rd: First Line – I had been a while since my last visit. I’d been feeling bad about it.

May 24th: Describe the weirdest month

May 25th: “There’s a pigeon in my room – can I use your shower?”

May 26th: on her deathbed your mother tells you that you have a twin brother who she gave up for adoption

May 27th: why don’t you like cheese?

May 28th: faith

May 29th: “Fine!”

May 30th: an old key

May 31st: Title – Things I Don’t Really Understand

June 1st: The Nightmare Before Christmas

June 2nd: First line – she couldn’t remember her name

June 3rd: A melted candle

June 4th: a whale

June 5th: First line – He looks across the field outside his office window

June 6th: She doesn’t love me. She’s not that stupid.

June 7th: an undercover police officer

June 8th: First line – Look.

June 9th: crime noir set in Disneyland

June 10th: Person A is running from the police and breaks into Person B’s house

June 11th:  A world where everything is in black and white until you meet your soulmate

June 12th: The A-Team

June 13th: First line – How did I not know that about him?

June 14th: “why is he bleeding?” “Because he’s an idiot.”

June 15th: a man in glasses

June 16th: Who first tried eggs?

June 17th: you find a pair of shoes that you forget about in the back of your wardrobe

June 18th: describe your family as animals

June 19th: person A is lost in the city person B lives in. Person B is worried, person A is not

June 20th: First line – Fuck!

June 21st: Maroon

June 22nd: A woman is very good at tennis, but hates it for reasons only known to her childhood boyfriend

June 23rd: a world where aliens frequently visit earth and have favourite places to go

June 24th: “If you say another word, I’m going to beat you up and take your lunch money.”

June 25th: The kind of red you only find in sunsets

June 26th: a girl wakes up in a strange place with all her memories except how she came to be there

June 27th: “I actually don’t give a fuck.”

June 28th: A shopping centre after closing

June 29th: why do dogs sleep on their back?

June 30th: a dog shelter the day after New Year’s Eve

July 1st:

July 2nd:

July 3rd:

July 4th:

July 5th:

July 6th:

July 7th:



























*Most of the prompts are written by me. Some were written by my beautiful friend Lauren. Some were given to me by my wonderful mother. A couple were from my bestie Joss. A few I found on Pinterest