Prompt: A fat squirrel

He hangs from the feeder

Stuffing his fluffy face

With seeds meant for birds

Slowly tipping

Closer and closer

Until finally

He falls to the ground


To See

Prompt: Brilliant white

She can’t see.

Dark spots mar

her vision.

She tries to shield

Her eyes.

Her fingers are


For the job.

It is too bright.

100 Words: The Need

Prompt: First Line – He needed it, more than he needed anything else. 

He needed it, more than he needed anything else. He needed it with the sort of need that gnawed at his stomach, that made his skin itch and his lungs tight. It seemed ridiculous. This burning inside him, this raw ache. But there it was. His foot jiggled and his hands twitched. He shouldn’t need it. He was a strong and capable person. He could fight against it. Around him the world disappeared into a buzz of indiscriminate noise. His eye glazed at the corner, focusing on it, sitting there, gleaming in the sunlight. He needed it. He stood up.

The Thing That Broke

Prompt: The last chocolate biscuit

At the end of the world it wasn’t the heat, or the lack of water, or even the slightly dodgy sleeping arrangements. No. The thing that made them crack was the last chocolate digestive biscuit.


Out Of Rhyme

Prompt: A world where everyone speaks in poetry. The older a person is the more ‘complex’ their poetry

The day I first

spoke out of rhyme

my mother cried.

Hot, wet tears of


It seemed simple.

This non-rhyming speech.

I was suddenly