A Year. A Whole Flipping Year


So this is it. Today I woke up, and went about my day. I sat with my laptop, checking emails, doing a bit of random writing, chatting to people. I ate lunch whilst watching TV. I went and visited my parents and wished them a Happy New Year.

I did not pick a prompt out of a jar. I have not written anything random and new.

I have been thinking about what to do once this year was up. How I would feel. Whether it would be odd not to come here and write something. As it turns out, I couldn’t not come here and write something. I have some ideas what I want to do this year. I want to be able to focus on extending some of the pieces I wrote last year. I also want to keep exercising my brain, and keeping my creativity going. I have some ideas how I’m going to do that, but it’ll take a couple of days to sort through them.

So for now, I’m going to sit back, and finally relax!



Prompt: What did you do yesterday?

I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote.

For the whole year.

Every day.

In a project I was never sure I was going to succeed in.

I wrote.

Good Taste

Prompt: two people don’t know each other but go to all the same places

She’s here again. The tall one. That’s what I call her, because she’s gotta be about a foot taller than me. I am very short. I don’t know her. But she seems to be everywhere. We clearly live in the same area. We go to the same supermarket, and the same pub. Sometimes we go to the same cinema, but that’s not that weird. There aren’t that many cinemas around. The weird thing is when she turns up at the same gigs. The same plays. Even the obscure ones. She has good taste.

Every Woman

Prompt: That’s not an excuse…

I stand at the bar, subtly leaning forward to try and get the bartender’s attention, twenty pound note in my hand. It’s the post-pre-drinks-pre-drinks. We’ve met up with the boys at a local spoons, ready for a proper good night out. I’ve had a few glasses of wine already. Two when we were getting ready, and then a couple more when we had pre-drinks at Jen’s. I’m pretty much there, drunk without being stupid. It’s a good place to be. For now. I wave my note a little as the bartender walks past. No luck. I glance to the side to see a man watching me, his eyes shifting over me. Something slithers up my back and I stand a little taller, bringing my arms in tighter as I give him a thin lipped smile before looking away quickly. I’m suddenly very aware of how short my skirt is. How little I’m wearing. Maybe I should have worn tights. Two pairs of underwear. I glance again, and the man is still looking. This is officially the last time I’m coming to the bar alone. The last time.

The Cuts

Prompt: First line – I poked the bruise

I poked the bruise. It was small, no bigger than a pound coin. It was the smallest of the injuries littering my body. Obviously. You don’t go through the fight I had gone through without ending up with a few bruises. And cuts. And a broken bone or two. I have had a lot of broken bones. It’s pretty lucky that I heal relatively quickly. And that I have Ravi to help, to heal, me if needed. And it is always needed. I worry sometimes about how much I get cut up. I can push people away from me, they shouldn’t get close enough to hit me. And yet… I clearly need to train more.

The Toy

Prompt: in the shed

The last time it was played with

was this time last year.

It held their attention for

Whilst it was near.

At the end of day it

Was shuffled and pushed.

Deep into the shed

Amongst rubbish and wood.

And there it has stayed

Slowly rusting away

Waiting for the time

They’ll retrieve it to play.

100 Words: The Speech

Prompt: First line – What am I doing?

What am I doing? I stare at the wall behind me, trying to ignore my eyes in the mirror. If I look at myself I’ll probably not go through with it. Or start crying. Or, y’know, both. Which would be really, really bad. People are counting on me to do this. To talk to these people. Ok, so maybe there aren’t that many people counting on me, but this is still important. It’s important to me, and it’s important to everyone who might be in the same boat. In the same situation. Looking for someone. I need to do this.

So Close

Prompt: Just the Wrong Shade of Blue

It was the first thing he saw when he woke up. Swimming blue eyes that he’ll never forget. And not because they were the first thing he saw when he woke up. No, the reason that he’ll never forget them is that they were just slightly wrong. They were nice, sure, as nice as the face they were in, but not quite what he’d imagined. Maybe he should have been more specific about the kind of blue he was after. He’d wanted a clear blue. An icy blue. The kind of blue that made you shiver at night. But this man, his man, had warm blue eyes. A little too deep, a little too strong. Beautiful. But not quite right.