Hello! Welcome to the About page where you will find out all about this project. I’m calling it a project now. It makes it seem more legitimate.

The project came about like this: I am a ridiculously qualified person who likes to write. Some of my qualifications are even in writing. I have been sitting on these qualifications not really doing much with it, and it’s been bothering me. And so I made a decision. I needed to do something about it. I needed to write.

And thus the project was born.

It goes something like this:

Every day I will pull a prompt out of my prompt jar (that was previously my cookie jar, but is now my prompt jar. It may or may not return to being my cookie jar after this year). I will then do a piece of writing based on that prompt. The piece of writing could be anything. It may be a poem, it may be a short story, it may be a chapter in a longer story, it may even be a piece of fanfiction. It could literally be any type of writing. Literally.

I will then post said piece of writing on my BLOG for you to read, if you want. I assume you have some desire to, or you wouldn’t be here. I will also be writing about my writing. How meta!

So… please! Come on this journey with me! I have no idea what I want to get out of it apart from a large body of work. And maybe an idea of what I want to write in the future.